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Doba is what people in the retail industry refer to as a product sourcing marketplace or drop-ship aggregator. Our members are online retail merchants and entrepreneurs who buy products at wholesale prices and sell them at retail prices without having to deal with the hassle and expense of storing products, managing inventory, packing and shipping products, and handling returns. Doba members can find wholesale priced products on our website, market and sell those products to their customers, collect payments, and then place an order on our site to have those products shipped directly to their customers. Doba’s single interface puts retailers in touch with hundreds of wholesale suppliers featuring a combined product line of over 1,200,000 quality products.

Doba’s members gain access to over 1,200,000 wholesale products from numerous suppliers. Instead of having to register and work with individual suppliers—each of which has its own way of processing orders and keeping records—our members have uniform access to all of our suppliers through a single and simple interface.

For suppliers, Doba offers the ability to increase sales and distribution by tapping into the marketing efforts of over 30,000 web-based small to medium size retail entrepreneurs. If you are a distributor, manufacturer, wholesaler, or drop shipper, Doba can allow you to gain access to this emerging large distribution and sales channel without the risk and complexities of dealing with small-volume retailers.

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1530 North Technology Way
Orem, Utah 84097
United States

Primary Phone: (877) 321-3622
Fax: (801) 705-9621
Email: info@doba.com

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday
9am – 5pm Mountain Standard Time

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Customer Reviews

  1. Reviewed by Bridgett on January 23rd, 2008
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    Don’t use doba if you are trying to start a drop shipping business. I’ve looked at numerous items and have yet to find one that I can’t get cheaper on ebay. Ebay sales are actually cheaper than Doba’s “wholesale” prices.

  2. Reviewed by Tasha on September 2nd, 2008
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    In my experience Doba’s prices are too expensive for ebay and they don’t have a lot of the main hot items.

  3. Reviewed by Doug M on June 5th, 2009
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    DOBA misrepresents itself in most of it’s advertising. Doba has posted numerous “reviews” across the Web supporting Doba’s services, but when you do a background check on the source of those reviews, the person is either working for DOBA or the source of the review comes from Doba’s website or the domain is registered to the same place.

    DOBA is a scam and I can not say anything good about them. My experience with them was totally negative. Their “wholesale” prices are highly inflated, often well above true retail market prices. Anyone thinking about doing business with DOBA trully needs to investigate deeply. I have yet to meet a real person who has made any money at all with DOBA. Most people I had contact with gave up on DOBA or had to shut down their website within one year.

  4. Reviewed by Sarah on August 19th, 2009
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    I started a free trial with Doba, and the biggest problem I’ve found with them is that their suppliers charge WAY too much for shipping. I have a few products listed on eBay now, though none of them have any bids (a few watchers, though). They have a HUGE selection of merchandise from the most popular brands. I’ll be totally happy with this company if I start to make a few extra bucks. We’ll see how it goes…

  5. Reviewed by Doug M on August 28th, 2009
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    1 is the max rating Doba gets. But first, before you think about using Doba, do this. Take a few of their products and write down the prices. Then go to Best Buy adn Walmart. You are going to find that in many cases, you can get what Doba advertises at wholesale to be 2-3 times what you will pay at Best Buy or at Walmart. Doba grossly misrepresents it’s services as some kind of “platform” when it is a huge con game.

  6. Reviewed by shekera on August 29th, 2009
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    I tried Doba’s 7 day free trial and just browsed the site & cat. comparing prices to see if a profit can be made. The cold hard fact is: You Can’t Profit From Doba. For example: Wii Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess game- my “wholesale” price via Doba $42 they state I can resell this for $70. I checked this out & believe it or not Walmart is selling this game for $46. This is just one example. After I did my research I was absolutely disgusted with them. They are only a couple of dollars lower than retail price~Unbelievable. You cannot make a profit with only 2-$3 below MSRP. My Advise: If you try them do marketing research before paying them anything!! A little knowledge can save you lots of money!!

  7. Reviewed by Nevets on February 23rd, 2010
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    These guys just called me, I guess I signed up a few weeks ago. I completely forgot about it but the call got me thinking about drop shipping again. From what I gather from these complaints … it’s not a scam … the only issue is the prices. But are all the prices so terrible or are there good things to sell on doba?

  8. Reviewed by Chris King on March 31st, 2010
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    Doba I believe is a scam. They offer you a free trial based on the premise that you will be able to find products there to sell on ebay for profit. They have an ebay certified logo on their website and advertisements, yet ebay claims no affilliation. After you hand over your personal information, which they are likely to profit from, they give you access to their catalog of products along with the “wholesale price” of each product. I spent a couple hours going through many many products and researching them in the ebay market only to find on every one of them either having no buyer demand there, or selling at much less than their “wholesale” prices. In my view, they are misrepresenting themselves as a source for products one can sell on ebay for profit. I did the research and found that this is not the case. I filed a complaint with the Utah BBB based on this. So to answer Nevets question, you can sell things from doba on ebay, but you will pay more for them than what you sell them for and you will lose money. I have asked for a settlement through the BBB to be reimbursed for the time and effort I expended doing the research and for them collecting my personal information based on false premises. Hope I can save some of you the trouble of dealing with them.

  9. Reviewed by Gabe on May 5th, 2010
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    My name is Gabe, I’m a rinky dink under grad with a degree in criminal justice law enforcement. I know the bare bones basics about dropshipping so please don’t try to explain it. I have done thorough research on this particular ‘scam’ case. Quite a bit actually.

    Doba is a middle man.
    Worldwide brands is a middle man.
    they’re both middlemen. They both have the listings, they both charge you to access their lists. And why not ? They did all this footwork, messing around to compile a good spread of companies that aren’t going to send you a pair of shorts when you forward an order for a tennis racket. Or send you a broken purple mp3 player when you forward an order a shiny new pink one.

    Just don’t deal with them. I have no idea what I’m doing and I’m not jumping to them for help or to hold my hand. My advice to everyone is to not jump ahead of yourself; you can be passionate but don’t let it cause you to act too soon when you’re unprepared.

    I have 0 dollars in my bank account, with a degree that can’t land a job in it’s field because in these times; police officers everywhere are holding onto their seats as if it were a life jacket in a shark riddled ocean. ‘We’ (those waiting for a position or posting to open) have to wait for some one to screw up royally and lose their job before ‘we’ can apply; by apply I mean compete with the other 50-100 candidates standing by.

    All that aside; I’m not rushing into anything. I’m waiting and watching, reading, and learning. Teaching myself from others mistakes. Writing things down and figuring things out.

    I plan on doing the doba free trial and extracting as much knowledge as I can; then pulling out. I would rather take my time and develop and online web site that deals directly with a legitimate warehouse (which is like panning for gold to find from what I’ve read)

    These are my plans, and goals. I hope this helps you realign and correct yours, especially if you’re looking for a get rich quick deal.

    Stay diligent.
    Good luck

  10. Reviewed by Steve on April 17th, 2011
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    I’ve done business with them a couple of times with trial membership. Their fees are outrageous, and because they’re an ebay authorized, ebay is flooded with their crap so you cannot make any money. If you like high prices, high fees and saturated markets give Doba a try

  11. Reviewed by Josephine on June 6th, 2011
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    too bad you don’t have a Zero for rating. YES, Doba is a SCAM! They send you a 90 day Test Trail, and within a week they call you, telling you, that you can be making money with a 10,000 product store (just like Walmart) that they will hep you all the way. For 5,000 you get the website, the fill in 7,000 plus products, 200,000 targeted visitors,. what they nelegect to tell you,thesse targeted visitors count even if they X the pop up, showing you had a visitor! You even get phone calls from their advisors telling you that you need a Niche, which would be based on 1 type of product, not 100’s! Not to mention that a 1/4 of the products you would actually have to pay them for selling the product, or your profit would be anywhere around .03 cents. Did I not do my job? OK, I went through got out the garbage, going in daily putting products in, that shows every where they are top sellers. Advertising constantly, I even ran 25% off of Everything Sales. I used searcg engines, had a company that claimed they could help get my sales up. And in the 3 months I had ZERO sales! The only sale that was made was my Test to make sure my processor was working. Well that was a real trip. I purchased a necklace, that took 8 weeks to get here, and I could have bought the same product at Walmart for $3.00 instead of $21.95. I worked on this everyday, to no avail, and when I told them I wanted a refund, all I got was well you signed a comtract, Yeah 1 I was Scammed into believing the LIES that was told to me! Out of $5000.00 I would have gotten $675.00 back. Don’t tell me they are NOT a SCAM I have been ran through the mill, They and 3XP are the same people, using 2 different names and try to trick people. When Dylan first contacted me he said he was with doba, but all of his emails were from 3XP. Go ahead test it, and go for the 10,000 Product store, you’ll find it’s a big lie, and all of your work will be done in vain, with NO SALES, and NO Refund.

  12. Reviewed by Crito on July 13th, 2011
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    OMG, this place is terrible. DO NOT JOIN DOBA! You will be very sorry if you do, it’s a total waste of time.

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    I liked the fact that they allowed me to do a trial before signing up.
    Luckily by doing that I was able to search through their catalog to see what I could sell at a porfit.

    Unfortunately, everything I looked at could be found cheaper on Ebay than the listed wholesale price. That’s pretty bad!

    I promptly called them and canceled my trial and move on.

    Sorry to say that the features were great and has great potential with the ability to import items you select directly to EBay. But with such high prices there is no way anyone will be able to compete and make a profit.

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    I started building a website a couple of months ago,(it’s still under construction). I had been looking for dropshippers and Doba looked good with the free trial so I started practicing by listing on Ebay. The system works OK but the more I compared prices and looked at other dropshippers, the more I realized why I wasn’t getting what I call ‘lookie lews’ or watchers, no one was looking at my stuff because I was more expensive than any common retail store, and I was only trying to make a 10% profit. Another thing is although I would check their stock before listing an item, on 2 occasions (out of only 4 sales from Doba products in 2 months at a whopping -$0 profit)I had to go to another source to find the product so I wouldn’t have an unhappy customer. Now they want 50 some dollars and have cut me off while I have 25 items on Ebay. 54 bucks a month to sell for $10 profit? I have sold other things on Ebay without Doba and made some descent money, so Ebay isn’t the problem, it’s Doba’s pricing and availability that is the problem. What I have learned from all of the information on Ebay selling, dropshipping, and websites, is that a niche is important, but I am going to cave in and only purchase in bulk from the real distributors, I have yet to loose money with my products acquired outside of Doba on Ebay. When I get a good deal on products, and I resell them for a profit that benefited both me and the buyer,everyone wins at this new adventurist way of buying and selling and that’s what we are trying to do as on-line merchants isn’t it. Doba would be a great idea if their greed didn’t spool everything; the system is cool, the format blends perfect with Ebay and Paypal(another crook, for another discussion), and would work great for a website like mine…but Doba, or their suppliers have forgotten the people actually marketing their stuff and left the profits for themselves and the sellers with crumbs, if even that. Right now I owe Doba money for listing their products NOW THERE’S A NICHE FOR THE DOBA PEOPLE, SUCKERS LIKE ME!!!

  15. Reviewed by GB on February 21st, 2012
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    Here’s an interesting thing you all have missed by leaving DOBA early…..

    Guessing if the product is really instock and can really ship!

    The way DOBA works is you see a quantity in stock number for a product. When you place an order with DOBA (after you have sold the item on Ebay)they will take your PayPal payment and you go on thinking everything is good. A few hours to a day or so later you will get an email saying “XYZ” Supplier and accepted the order. WHAT! I thought we had a deal… you accepted my money!!! Ship the darn stuff!!!

    So what if they don’t accept the order you say?

    This has happened to me four times in the course of a year…. No email! 7-10 days after you have placed the order… poof there is a credit to your PayPal account. No warning at all!!!! DOBA customer service will tell you that evidently the supplier was out of stock. Don’t even think that you can ask when they think it will be back in stock. You will get the “we’ll contact the supplier liasion person” line. 5 days later you might get a email back saying they don’t know, or check back in 20 days or so.

    Now you have to go back to the ebay shopper and make all sorts of excuses to try to back out of the sale.

    Asking DOBA why something like this can happen… I have heard the “oh it must have been a miscount” line.

    The only negatives I have ever received on ebay was due to DOBA.

    Not to scare you… but this could happen to any drop shipper.

    DOBA will tell you to watch their training videos to understand that you have to punt with your customer. I even had an ebay customer service person ask during a dispute call… So you listed something you didnt know was in stock or not?

    With DOBA a sale isnt a sale until it’s a sale… or something like that.

    So just fair warning.

    REMEMBER: Always, always, always ship to a VERIFIED address. PayPal has a verification system. Use It! If it is electronics or computer products to an unverified address, you might as well just send the products without receiving payment. I have lost a $500 home theater system to an unverified address. The credit card company will contact you 60 days later and just reverse the credit… what fun!!

  16. Reviewed by Ken on April 20th, 2012
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    I did know up front that DOBA has a money back guarantee. But they do not honor it. I logged on a MINIMUM of 4 times a month. Tried several times to Push to Market with E-Bay and did not get a single sale. Loaded a couple thousand of their products onto my website and still could not get a single sale of their items. Tried to talk with their so called customer service for assistance on shipping, etc.. so I could set my site up properly. Kept getting pushed to these other sites and companies to “Market” for at a cost of several thousand dollars. No Help. Then when my year was finally up, they refused to give me my money back. They claim that I did not log in a min of 4x per month. They weaseled their way out of giving up my money…..I had a bad feeling with them from the get go…and did what they required. They are liars…. And they will get your money one way or the other……

  17. Reviewed by Brian on July 31st, 2012
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    Doba’s prices are higher then eBay or Amazon I wish I had found this site before I gave them any of my money. They advertise having name brands like Apple good luck finding it.I wasted hours of my time looking up items to sell with little luck. I was able to sell 1 item and I could have sold more of that item but I wanted to have some diversity in my business.

  18. Reviewed by Vinnie on November 7th, 2012
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    There is only one way to make money with a dropshipper, deal with them directly NOT with a middleman such as DOBA.

    See our list of dropdhippers at ANVES.COM goto http://anves.com/dropshippers – or go to http://www.FreeDropshippersList.com


  19. Reviewed by George on December 3rd, 2014
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    I just got an email from Doba offering me a free trial. So i looked at their offer and found the wholesale prices are more tha I would pay at Sears or Walmart. There is no way anyone could make a profit trying to work with Doba.

  20. Reviewed by Michael on March 13th, 2015
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    There is a simple rule to follow before even considering a drop ship supplier. If they do not require a resale certificate or permit from your state then move on. Legitimate wholesale drop shippers want to deal with legitimate businesses and are prohibited in many states from selling directly to the general public.

  21. Reviewed by Sharon on March 17th, 2015
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    This company is a rip off and a scam. Product prices are way too high to make a profit, their vendor processing times are ridiculously long, and their customer service is horrible. I was supposed to receive an orientation phone call as part of my account subscription and never did. Then they charged me for a full subscription 1 day before my supposedly “free” trial was supposed to end. When I contacted them about the early charge, they refused to reverse it and the rep gave me a FAKE email address to get in touch with the management team. Don’t waste your time and money with this company and their horrible business practices.

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