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Think about this, what if there was a company built for wholesale dropshippers by the people from the dropshipping industry. What if there was a company built to take into consideration every concern that YOU may have when working with your very own dropshiping business, either from an ebay store or from your very own online store.

Dropshipdesign.com (aka http://www.dropship-business.com/) incorporates consideration such as these into its philosophy in an effort to build a customer Service based on the customer perspective.

“You sell, We ship, You profit!”

With our company, you are guaranteed the type of service you should expect, the type of service you desire.

A lot of promises are made in the “Dropship & Wholesale” industry, but a great deal of the time, they often result in failure and upset customers. At Dropshipdesign.com, we will not make any promise that we cannot keep and we will always be there to provide you with first rate service.

Dropship Design Company Information

1100 Dexter Av North, Suite 100
Seattle, WA 98109

Customer Service: (800) 921-0136

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday
9am – 5pm Pacific Standard Time

Dropship Design Reports, Scams and Complaints

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Dropship Design
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Customer Reviews

  1. Reviewed by Luci on October 7th, 2006
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    http://www.dropshipdesign.com is a big rip off! they charge you $130 for yearly membership, if you want to dropship you have to pay extra $70 a year. They say their products wholesale but its not more like a retail for those reseller! Their wholesale prices are outrages, you can’t even sell it on ebay. I wouldn’t go to them. It is a big rip off. If you try it you will regret it! don’t let their webpage advertising fool you!

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    I have been thinking of converting my site, http://www.mallshoppingfromhome.com into a drop-ship site. I have been looking at all of the choices and Dropshipdesign looks like the best, hands-down.

  3. Reviewed by Dropship Query on February 5th, 2009
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    Found an interesting blog thread about Dropship Design over here: http://dropshippingtoday.com/dropship-design-any-good/

    Hope that helps some of you looking to make money with dropship.

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    USell Corp has done a review that compares themselves to Dropship Design:


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    Were did you find these informations?

  6. Reviewed by Tracy on May 26th, 2009
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    I bought the one year website drop ship plan from them in Aug 2008 for $149.99. A few days ago I noticed my site was “missing” from the internet. I contacted DSD (Dropship Design) and was told because I did not accept their new terms which would require me to pay an additional almost $30 a month more to continue that they canceled my account! My account was paid through at least Aug 31 2009.

    So I brought up a couple facts and maybe a threat or two and they quickly emailed me back that I could keep my site up through the term I had paid.

    To see my personal post on my experience…go here http://www.halloffamemoms.com/2009/05/my-drop-ship-design-regret/

    I do NOT recommend them. Once I joined…they offered me a # of SEO packages to get my site seen…I didn’t buy any…I did my own SEO.

  7. Reviewed by Anonymous on September 27th, 2009
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    What most people don’t know is that if your customer makes a purchase of 50.00 or more they require the customer to fax them a copy of their drivers license BEFORE they will approve the sell. That was the give away to me that these people must be from another country because NO online site makes you do that before making a purchase.

  8. Reviewed by Anonymous on September 27th, 2009
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    Security these days is always in question. Who wants to fax over a copy of their drivers license to anybody ever? No way!

  9. Reviewed by Ann on September 27th, 2009
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    Just like another post on this string they blocked my site and told me I had to start paying a monthly fee and that was before my yearly contract was up. I threatened them with my attorney and they quickly released the site putting it back up on the web. I’m guessing they are not from this country which maybe why they don’t want any trouble from the law. I don’t know. Their prices are also not the best so it is hard to compete. The thing caused me to cancel was when I discovered they force people to send them a copy of their drivers license if they want to make a purchase of 50.00 or more. That will really hurt your sells. No other company has those rules.

  10. Reviewed by Ann on September 27th, 2009
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    …. and by the way……. I had my site almost a year and never sold anything to anybody but myself. I did a lot of advertising and SEO but nothing helped.

  11. Reviewed by Angela on December 10th, 2009
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    I use them and I wish I could find a replacement dropshipping company. Instead I’ll use social media as a powerful tool. Word of mouth is LOUD! I had the same experience as Tracy. I wish I would have put up a stink. Another time I told them not to ship something when they said it was on backorder. I had 2 days to tell them. I told them on day 1. They sent it. The customer of course wouldn’t send it back and they wouldn’t take the hit. They’d rather the little man take the hit. I have so many complaints about them. Slow service for the warehouse I use is another one. 2 weeks to get to a customer is a long time in the days of Ebay where people expect items in 3 days.

  12. Reviewed by Angela on December 10th, 2009
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    If anyone LIKES dropship design click on their link. They are probably an affiliate and only say they like them because they’ll get money if you join with their link.

  13. Reviewed by mez on January 14th, 2010
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    Dropshipdesign is a rip off. Once you sign up you will not be able to contact anyone and they will keep attempting to take money from your credit card. A lot of the good reviews you see online about them are from affiliates who are trying to sell you the product. Do some more research before you decide and check the better business bureau for info on them

  14. Reviewed by Marc on May 21st, 2010
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    I sell on eBay and let me tell you all, dropshipdesign is the best company out there when it comes to dropship products. All the complaints i read here are little hickups that are part of doing normal business. I am taking time to come to their defense since those of us that are actually making real money with dropshipdesign are probably too busy with out business to write positive comments. Keep up the good service DSD :)

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    Do not trust this so called company they are a rip off I ask them to build me a web sight for $199.99 within the first hour when I check the email they had spelled the web sight wrong and I paid with Paypal They would not change ther name of the web sight unless I gave them another $49.99 Thwy would not Gave me a refund and Paypal was no help. Their service department will not take any and I mean ANY phone calls This is a rip a scam what ever you can call it but please save your money Or just buy anything other that this.

  16. Reviewed by Anonymous on September 19th, 2010
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    i have to agree with Luci at the top of the page, I hunted and hunted for the right dropshipper., i opened an account and have to say once i saw the product i was seriously dissapointed! let alone the prices!!! maybe some people are turning some profit, but seriously !!! how?????

  17. Reviewed by Marc on December 27th, 2010
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    What is your eBay? I want to see. Since you are the only one defensing them, and I happen to sell stuff on eBay as well. I am trying to find some good dropping service.

  18. Reviewed by Jarvis on December 27th, 2010
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    Marc, the above is me… I just happen to put your name on. Sorry

  19. Reviewed by Kampro on January 15th, 2011
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    Well Friday I signed up, put some stuff on ebay and notice everyone else on ebay had it for cheaper or there was no profit to be made. I cancel on Monday and asked for my money back. That took off about $20 and wanted to give me the rest on paypal, so I refused it. And lost the whole thing. Because I filed a complaint with paypal and lost. In small prints when ordering under agreement is state setup fee are something to that matter is unrefundable. And they were such assh…e they won’t even give me the rest.
    The day after I ask for a refund, they call me and said they were look for people to sponser and show them how to make money with them. I went along with them for a few days. A then the said it was going to cost me $5000 or some junk like that for them to teach me.
    Well that was it. I know there may be ok drop shippers out there, but this is not one.
    Keep moving!

  20. Reviewed by Alx on January 25th, 2011
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    i have read all the reviews on this site and have to say based on my experience that i agree with all the negative ones. Thanks for taking the time to comment, hopefully other people wont be scammed like we were.

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    I have used DropshipDesign before. The only problem I had with them was a slow web server. This was a few years ago. I have never missed a product that I have ordered. My biggest grip is no free phone support. But I have notice there ticketing system has improved a great deal. And there website has improved on the upload speed or it might be my new computer. Most people want to join these dropshipping company’s Thinking there going to be rich. Needless to say eBay is flooded with this stuff. People will drop there prices just to make one dollar. For me it’s the luck of the draw when posting on eBay or any other auction sites(s).The Website thru dropshipdesing.com. It’s not magic. It takes your time to learn the tricks of the traded when it comes to marketing your own website. If you think DropshipDesing.com is a scam. You better think again. After all they have to compete with retail giants like wal-mart etc. (Beware of scams and internet credit fraud) I was scammed by: http://www.dropshippers.com Out of $248.00. The web address posted on there website comes back as a residential address in Google maps. Also the Scranton police department confirmed it. Well any how if you think you was ripped off by dropshippers of any kind you can file a complaint at: The Internet Crime Complaint Center at: http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx

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    Most people want to join these dropshipping company’s Thinking there going to be rich.

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    Please note: I have used DropshipDesign before. And still do. I have never missed a product that I have ordered or have shipped to a customer. My biggest grip is no phone support. But I have notice there ticketing system has improved a great deal. Most people want to join these dropshipping company’s Thinking there going to be rich. Needless to say eBay is flooded with this stuff. People will drop there prices just to make one dollar. For me it’s the luck of the draw when posting on eBay or other auction sites. It’s not magic. 90% of the negative postings I see about DropshipDesing is users that do not have any business experience and looking for that magic wand for someone to do the work for them.

  24. Reviewed by vivi on March 29th, 2011
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    Hey i see everyone including my self …they took our moneys and we make them rich…well i have the same experience and the problem they never reply or answer me at all and plus that i pay my fees and my ads and i lost more money on top cos of them!!
    i believe is fool of CHINESE SCAM all this and their is one way to make money all of this people…. to make as to believe that we can make as a big profit or a small income or as little extra cash and they make a fortune WITH OUR MONEY …WELL THINK ABOUT IT BEFORE AS I DID TRY ALL OF THEM AND TRUST ME FOR THE MONEY YOU PAY TO THEM AND THE PRICE YOU HAVE AS “YOUR PRICE”
    and the funny think is nothing in the internet to cover you from all this scams and imagine another thing WICH IS IMPORTANT,

    who is going to pay lawyer for as little money while the lawyer is gonna cost you more…so this SCAM PEOPLE they planed everything SO nice and so clever for all of us to give them our money and then they laughing
    nothing cover us at all..so watch out what you do in the internet as i lost a lot of money and i am talking throw experience ,

    pls tel me your opinion for what i say?

  25. Reviewed by vivi on March 29th, 2011
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  26. Reviewed by Anonymous on March 30th, 2011
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    Thank alot for the info. I will find another dropship.

  27. Reviewed by Dan Tower on April 16th, 2011
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    This company is nothing but a RIP OFF, their wholesale prices are not wholesale, you can beat every one of their prices on amazon.com. they charge a fee for everything and their customer service is non existent at best. Do not deal with these idiots, I have been trying to get my money back from these morons for a month now.

  28. Reviewed by TJJM Publishing on April 30th, 2011
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    Don’t do business with this company, technical support is rude and you will lose money. Should have read these reviews before we acted. Make sure to read the BBB information on this company as well. They have an “F” rating. Buyer beware, not all is explained in their site.

  29. Reviewed by Francis on May 17th, 2011
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    Stay away from this organization! To cancel my association with them is almost impossible. When you try to call on the phone they tell you to go thru their
    website. Which is virtually impossible! I think it is a scam.

  30. Reviewed by Francis on May 17th, 2011
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    Another thing, they do not have an address at the one that is on the google site.

  31. Reviewed by Cameron on May 24th, 2011
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    Thanks guys,

    All of this info is helpful except one thing… All DS Co’s out there mark up the wholesale price due to them holding the products and shipping only one unit, not a 100 units at a reduced price… They buy 100units at a reduced price and then resell it to us at below retail by a few points… The part that get’s me is the ID fax, that’s not cool… Someone should run an IP Finder on them to see if they are based in Africa where the rest of the Inet scams happen from… Dropshipping sounds like a good thing about 3 years ago, but the time has come and gone… Try to figure out the new way to sell while knowing that dropshipping worked before…


  32. Reviewed by TJJM Publishing on May 30th, 2011
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    Beware big time. Someone at this company used our Paypal debit account for fraudulent use through a company in the UK. We only used the card number once with their company, so I know it came from someone in their company. Either sold the card number or bought something for themselves!

  33. Reviewed by Anonymous on July 15th, 2011
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    Thank you all for letting other’s know about these scam artist!!!

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    […] (for ebay) – anyone done it? http://www.ripoffreport.com/On-Line-…ipon-43ex8.htm Dropship Design – Scam or Legit? | Honest Dropship Review | Honest Dropship Review Video Game Player Chargers – Wholesale Forum Berhati-hatilah warga BJ bila bertemu dengan […]

  35. Reviewed by Anonymous on October 27th, 2011
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    I read one of the reviews above warning of using Dropship Design. The person reviewing this company stated they verified with the Scranton Police the location is a residential address. I happen to live six blocks away from this address and I can tell you without a doubt this address is a residential address. In fact, there are no buildings that resemble the so called “Corporate Center” which is pictured on their website. I hope this review will raise a Red Flag and prevent someone from spending their hard earned money only to be scammed. My advice is to RUN!!!!!

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    DropshipDesign is a definite site to avoid unless you’re in the business of losing a lot of money. They make outrageous claims of selling their items at “wholesale prices” when in fact they are offering them at prices well over the price you’ll ever sell them for, like most other drop-ship companies who want a fee before they show you their stock prices. In fact they only charge you a fee because they know that’s the only money they’ll be getting from you. When I confronted them about their prices and fees, I told them I would be warning the public and asked for any comments, they simply replied “Thank you for the free marketing”

    Waste your money with these con artists if you like, but don’t complain about not being warned afterwards. 0/10

  37. Reviewed by David on December 7th, 2011
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    I paid the fees and got NOTHING useful. They give you a website with overpriced products you can buy cheaper on ebay and over priced shipping. No live support it takes 24 hours to get an answer. I complained that they never emailed me any information to log in and found that my ISP blocks them because they are a SCAM. Then their website email does not work and they say in the ticket we emailed you how to activate the email. Bu I cant get their emails because they are blocked by ISP (or they never really sent). Filed complaint with Mastercard. DO NOT USE THEM THEY ARE A RIPOFF AND ALL OF US FELL FOR IT!!! DONT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE! Useless website no traffic at all even though I paid extra for search engine submittal.

  38. Reviewed by john on December 30th, 2011
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    100% scam , i paid 95$ to them and never hear from them and their wepsite even not working , its totally illegal company

  39. Reviewed by Derrell on December 31st, 2011
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    Hey John. I just signed up with them about 3 days ago and noticed that I was unable to log in for several hours each day because the eEbay Log In section was down or missing. I emailed them complaining about how parts of their site kept going down for hours and they reply told me it was just a minor technical error and everything should be working fine now. BUT IT’S NOT!! I STILL CANNOT LOG IN!!!

  40. Reviewed by shaaz on January 7th, 2012
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    Thanks for the reviews i was about to pay for them,you guys save me.
    Ton of Thanks

  41. Reviewed by ritz on May 18th, 2012
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    Are there any comments anyone can offer based on posting their own products on this site and how well if at all the transaction was handled through their merchant account services? So far all the complaints I’m reading have to do with people wanting to push their products through ebay….Some people may prefer marketing their products through ebay, however that is not really the part that concerns me to be honest….. Can anyone comment at all for posting their own products? Thanks.

  42. Reviewed by RickyP. on June 28th, 2012
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    I also tried to use Ebay, but can’t find a ‘hot item’. Their wholesale prices are not bad, it is the shipping that doesn’t allow to reap much profit. It is also hard to sell on other sites as you have to cut and paste. There are soooo many products that as you modify your site, when new items come in; it changes any any changes you may have made. THEY DON’T HAVE A VERBOSE Seach for products. If you don’t have a business license, merchant account (don’t get one either…to start), etc you won’t or it will be hard to find anything much easier and/or cheaper.
    If you want to buy in quantities and/or have want to sell on your own website, flea market, Yard sale, store front…there are much cheaper options.
    Most ISPs offer FREE web space ( Although I noticed mine just dropped it)…but Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc still do. PayPal is free too (for rheir lowrst standard).
    Feel free to comment

  43. Reviewed by Kevin on December 13th, 2012
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    FRAUD! Took money from my bank then used the lame excuse that my address (where I have been for many years, same address as on file with my bank from which they took funds) is “UN-VERIFIABLE”. What a LAME EXCUSE for taking money then denying access! They have been reported to the FRAUD division of Wells Fargo Bank. Stay away from these SCAMMERS.

  44. Reviewed by harold on June 23rd, 2013
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    date-4-2013 this is a rip off i bought a one year web site the web site was no good. i pay $199.00 $ so i call and call no call back at all i email no email back.at all so run a way now dont trust them stay a way from drop ship design company. is a rip off and no good.

  45. Reviewed by harold on June 23rd, 2013
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    thank you for this. dropship design is no good i want all to stay a way from this company.

  46. Reviewed by harold on June 23rd, 2013
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    thank you. i want all to stay a way from this company drop ship design. is a rip off and no good. dont trust them at all.

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    These people cannot live up to their promises or terms of service. Their support department is one of the most inept groups I have ever run across. They cost me my seller credibility through their inability to resolve problems. They give you nothing but the run around. Make excuses and do nothing. DO NOT have any dealings with these people. It will cost you.

  48. Reviewed by Joe on August 7th, 2014
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    You signed up for the Basic plan. You cannot use the eBay plan for free. If you want to use the eBay plan you have to pay $49.99 more. The basic plan does not include the eBay plan.

    This is regarding above:
    I get this message after I try to contact because I have some question, and no way to call them. I sing up and I upgrade right away and I already pay $49.99 for basic plan.
    They dare to ask me again even though I send them prove of pay membership for a Basic Plan.
    They don’t read email and they cannot see on them system who is paid member and who is not.
    They are not capable to see and do anything at all.
    It’s shame it’s 100% scam or fraud. I want to report them if anyhow I can for my $49.99.
    They are ripping off and I don’t want to suggest anyone ever to use them site.

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