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Simplx is the world’s largest dropshipping product source for those who sell on auction sites and on their own websites; offering over 60,000,000 unique name brand products at discount prices. Simplx is the only dropshipper worldwide to connect you directly to over 1,000 of the world’s largest suppliers, like Target®, Office Depot® Circuit City® Buy.com®, Overstock.com®, Eddie Bauer®, Old Navy®, Gap®, Sony®, CompUSA®, and more. Only through Simplx can you access over 60,000,000 products and thousands of name brands up to 65% off retail.

Simplx Company Information

Simplx Client Advisor
Simplicity Group, LLC
770 East Main Street #153
Lehi, UT 84043

Primary Phone: (920) 474-6759
Email: support@simplx.com

Hours of Operation
Mon – Thur: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm (Mtn)
Fri: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm (Mtn)

Simplx Reports, Scams and Complaints

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33 Negative Reviews
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Customer Reviews

  1. Reviewed by Simplx Review on February 11th, 2009
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    Anyone had success with simplx? I’m scared to buy it because there are so many things on Google that say it is a scam.

  2. Reviewed by Scott on March 13th, 2009
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    Yes I have been using Simplx for over 2 years nor for my eBay business. I too have seen the negative reviews and I really think most are people who want something for nothing or to get rich quick. The truth is that I work very hard on my eBay business every day just like any other business. I have tried at least 15 other drop shippers and Simplx is the only one that has worked for me. Simplx is the only one that had a real approval process. I did alot of free trials with other companies and they never worked. With Simplx it was actually kind of difficult to get approved. I’m sure that most people would be turned off by a difficult approval process but I certainly understand. I wouldn’t want too much market saturation as eBay is very competitive as it is.
    Over all I give an A+ to Simplx

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    Were did you get your blog design?

  4. Reviewed by susan on January 15th, 2010
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    Simplx is scam there is no doubt about that. with a simple calculation you will find that they offering dicount less than the cost of selling the item . they have D+ rating on BBB . what else you want to say it is SCAM

  5. Reviewed by Eddie on February 4th, 2010
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    I got my first rebate check from Simplx and could not cash it because of Insufficient Funds. I was finally able to cash it after 3 days and 3 trips to the bank. I’ve got better things to do. I also had to contact them several times to see why the check was not mailed to me in the first place. It took them 2 weeks of dealing with me just to get them to send it. What a joy. You be the judge. I’m going to drop them like a bad habit and go with Worldwide Dropshippers.

  6. Reviewed by Rose on March 2nd, 2010
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    don’t trust them

  7. Reviewed by Paul on January 26th, 2011
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    I am still waiting for a rebate check from April, 2010. When I constantly asked where my check is the best response has been it is being processed. It has been processing for 10 months now. Anyone thinking about this business all I can say is dont! The system works but they dont pay the earned rebates. I even complained to the BBB with no results

  8. Reviewed by Scott on January 27th, 2011
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    I worked for them when I wrote my review posted above. I was told to post that by my sales team leader. I have since quit. They are a scam. 100% fraud. Nobody there even uses eBay. Even the owners eBay account was shut down.
    Check it out. Do an advanced search in ebay for the username irebates and you can see his terrible feedback for yourself. The “system” he used was nothing like the one they promote.
    He sold items all from amazon. He was an amazon affiliate so he earned a decent rebate around 3-10% depending on the item. He then purchased a prepaid MasterCard through the simplx program for $2000 earning a rebate on the purchase. So he would buy a prepaid MasterCard and pay with his regular MasterCard. He would get points for the purchase, a rebate of 1.5-2% on the prepaid card amount depending on the current promotion. Then use the prepaid card to buy the products he sold on eBay. All of them came from amazon so he would receive more points from MasterCard plus earn the simplx 1% rebate from amazon plus the amazon affiliate rebate average 3-10%.
    He was doing about 500,000 a month in volume on eBay before getting shut down. Total rebates averaged out to around 8%. Do the math and that’s $40,000 in rebates per month. That’s not including the per item profit of a few dollars after fees. For the average Joe to make that mess of a system to work you would need at least $250,000 in liquid cash and available credit to keep it going and thats only IF eBay/paypal allows you to continue which is unlikely. Once you go above $10,000 a month I’m volume you raise a giant red flag with paypal and that a whole differen beast.

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    Despite hours of on line road blocks, I still can’t opt out of my 7 day free trial. A complete scam! H E L P ! macxamum@gmail.com

  10. Reviewed by Allen on September 16th, 2011
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    wow i was just about ready to start to do business with the i am so happy that I found this Thank everyone :)

  11. Reviewed by Harshal Patel on October 23rd, 2011
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    Do not use SIMPLX for 3 reasons:
    1) Prices are not much less than retail; maybe a few percent points lower.

    2) I did the $1.95 trial but then wanted to cancel based on their poor inventory. Couldn’t do so on their website. Had to cancel my credit card before the $50/month charge hit.

    3) Their customer support staff has email addresses that end in @gmail.com. No real company has this. Real companies use their own domain for email.

    These guys are not legit.

  12. Reviewed by JPD on January 7th, 2012
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    Simplx is a SCAM!!! don’t use Simplx. it’s FRAUD! customer service suck! they don’t have live customer service or customer support. if you call their customer service # it’ll direct you to email them, they will not reply to your email.

    the bottom line is “SIMPLX IS A TOTAL SCAM!!!”

  13. Reviewed by Frank on February 11th, 2012
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    Simplx is a scam. A complete and utter scam. Once you sign up you cannot cancel. They just charged me two times in this month. DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. I never complain but after them charging my account two times this month I need. I’m going to make sure I get all the keywords in here about this place. Scam, rip-off, ripoff, crap, garbage, dishonest.

    The margins on their products are like 3-5% tops. They have no real drop shipping going on. What they do is forward you to a website where you get a % off and that’s it.

    They are complete and utter crap. Don’t get scammed!

  14. Reviewed by andrew on April 4th, 2012
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    Dont sign up to this service. They will mislead you with false information and advertising. I have just learned my lesson…i signed up to this service following their misleading advertising of designer brands as well as discounts of 65% retail to find out that they have no more than just 10% off prices and most of the designer brands they advertise have no products available whatsoever. They charge you 69.95 a month and there is no option to cancel your account so you are only relying to them. I tried to contact them by email twice, no response, then called them and i was put on a voicemail message for numerous times even calling during business hours

    AVOID!! this is a SCAM!!

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    Wow! I just ran into this thread today and was amazed to see some of the comments. I started using Simplx a few months ago and wish I had found this drop shipping option sooner. I’m an internet entrepreneur and I’ve been selling online going on 7 years in 2013. Simplx.com is the only drop shipping option I’ve found that allows me to ship the hottest selling products one at a time without having to spend $50k on my bulk orders. At first I thought the monthly price was high, but realized that when actually getting a drop shipping service that allows me to be competitive online it’s certainly worth much more than I pay each month for them to manage all of the drop ship supplier relationships and allow me to search the products I’m looking for from a single search bar.

    I’ve received 2 rebate checks both in the thousands of dollars without any problems or follow up. I wonder if there is new ownership or if they have just changed things dramatically since the last postings on here about 8 months ago. I’ll proceed with caution, but as of now I’m very happy with my Simplx membership.

  16. Reviewed by sunny on December 17th, 2012
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    Just wanted to thank you guys for your reviews. I was about to sign up but then I had a feeling I should check the reviews first. So glad I did, this could have been a nightmare for a single mom who is desperately trying to make ends meet. I am also fighting a divorce against an abusive jerk and do not need this on top of it. Please know that you all helped me very much, saved me a lot of headaches for sure!

  17. Reviewed by Anonymous on April 24th, 2013
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    Be Aware!! Do not sign up with this company!! I had sign up this company during the weekend before I found this website. Once I read through all the bad reviews. I quickly cancel my package. I paid $2.97 for the 7 days trail and the $100 for the website. When I email them to cancel the package, it was on Sunday. The lady email back said she will forward my email to the cancellation department so I thought that’s great, I will hopefully get my money back. When I received my money, they only refund my $96.98. I email them back and told them I didn’t even used their package, not even used their username and password given to me to get in their account, but they charge me $2.97 for the trail anyway. What a scam!! Well, I can’t complain $2.97 is a small price to pay compare to those lost more than me. SO BEWARE OF SIMPLX!! I am lucky to get my money back, unlike other people. Well, not all of it. If you sign up with them. You might not be so lucky. SO AWAY FROM SIMPLX!! Please do your research first before you sign up with any business. You never know what you will get yourself into.

  18. Reviewed by Andrew on April 24th, 2013
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    I was at home surfing online to find a good dropshipper and then my phone rang. Who do you know, Simplix! I wasn’t going to write a review, but then I was thinking. This guy was so unprofessional that I just had to say something. Well here it go. The phone rang, he thought I was still a member and told me congratulation on becoming a member, but then I told him I cancel the package already. He ask me why. I told him because the company have so… many bad reviews, then he asked me what kinda car do I drive. Well, I told him I drive a 08 Honda Odyssey. Then he said that is the worst car with a bad reviews. That is a load of crap. Then I told him BBB grade the company an F and he hung up on me. I was like hello, hello, umm.. hellooo… No one answered lol…. SCAM!!!! Lot of people say Simplix don’t return phone calls or call customers, but I was surprised that this guy did, but he hung up on me after I mention about BBB grade Simplix an F. Maybe cat caught his tongue or maybe cat cut the line. Maybe if he would be more professional. I wouldn’t be writing this review.

  19. Reviewed by Amanda on June 12th, 2013
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    Anyone know if you can get your money back from Simplx? Maybe a Lawyer? I paid thousands of dollars to have them help me become a power seller on e-bay and make 3-5 thousand a month. None of which has happened. I get a call once a week most of the time but they have not taught me anything I did not know already. Wanting to find out if anyone has got there money back after the 7 day trial period? PLease help what can I do?

  20. Reviewed by Chargeback on June 12th, 2013
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    To Amanda, I’m so sorry to hear that this is happened to you. What a terrible terrible company. I have personally experienced their terrible service. If it has been less than six months time immediately contact your bank and file a chargeback on your credit card contact Visa or whoever the car is issued with and file a chargeback immediately.
    If it is more than six months ago still contact your bank and credit card issuer to find out any available options. At that point make it a full time job to contact Simplx and complain. Just set the timer on your phone and call them every hour on the hour. Email them repeatedly But most importantly call them over and over and over again. Threaten legal action in as many words as you can think of Without being rude Or over-the-top insulting. If it is been more than six months start contacting attorneys.

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    My name is Jack C. Kidd and I have an account with you. I get charged $69.95 monthly for your drop shipping. I am no longer in the internet business so I want to discontinue my business with you. I have already paid the bill 11/18 bill and called Master Card that I did not what any more bills from you. They will deny any further charges. Thanks for helping me in this matter. Jack C Kidd jkidd001@austin.rr.com.

  22. Reviewed by M. G on March 31st, 2015
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    If there was a rating of 0 to select from, that’s what I would give these people. None of their numbers work, they go straight to voice-mail. They don’t reply to email or messages left, BUT, they do charge you though. Total RIP-OFF. They also have an “F” rating on BBB.

    DO NOT BUY!!!!

  23. Reviewed by M. G on March 31st, 2015
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    Leslie Wilson obviously works for them. That post is made up of lies lies lies!!!

  24. Reviewed by Valerie on May 30th, 2015
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    OMG! please stay away from that company they are nothing but a scam I signed in for the trial it was going to be 3 days for $1.95, afterwards I tried unsuccessfully to cancel the membership their website does not work, it looks pretty out dated they don’t even had a customer service working number it is disconnected I tried many times to email but it bounced back they charged 49.95 for one month thank God that I filed a dispute and My bank stopped these thieves from charging me this company should be closed for robbing people it is sad! please stay away from them!!!!

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